Professor Neal Ryan & Professor Kerry Brown, Foundation Mulpha Chair in Tourism Asset Management Southern Cross University

Our experience of Deb Deane and Treasured Interiors has been exceptional and a highly professional approach to her clients.

Her service is excellent and we will continue to engage her service because of the high quality, timeliness and support her business has provided over the last two years.

Deb has now managed 3 renovations for us.

These include extensive renovations to a couple of 2 bedroom units and another 2 bed living area within our colonial brisbane family home. In addition she has acted as an advisor and style consultant on modifying and upgrading our terrace house in Sydney.

Deb has provided excellent advice with respect to the overall concept, plan and design of our renovation projects.  The end product is consistent, coherent and ascetically sophisticated.

Treasured Interiors has provided a total and complete service with respect to all aspects of our renovations, from building a renovation concept,  engaging all the service providers required to complete all aspects of the renovation work, purchasing all the goods required to achieve a fully furnished living area.

The costs associated with Deb’s service are by far the best I have encountered within the building industry.  My estimate is that the service provided by Treasured Interiors reduced our renovation costs by tens of thousands of dollars.

All projects have been completed within budget and agreed timeframes.  Indeed we have been amazed how quickly Treasured Interiors have been able to complete some highly complex and difficult to co-ordinate renovations and still deliver a high quality product.

Most importantly the work undertaken is consistently of a very high standard.  

We enjoy are enjoying continual repeat business from good quality tenants because we are able to offer very high quality accommodation which is modern, tasteful and well maintained, providing an appropriate degree of luxury.

Finally the back-up service has been excellent on the few occasions that further work or repairs have been required Deb has ensured that this additional work is undertaken quickly and within her guarantee of her original contract, without question.  Even if a fault has been uncovered well after the completion of the renovation.

We have no hesitation in providing Deb Rockwell and Treasured Interiors with the highest possible commendation and recommendation.